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Resolve's Gestalt University

Mar 19, 2020

The idea that mainstream media could, to some degree, pursue the agenda of powerful groups might have been dismissed as conspiracy theory in the past. But over the years much has changed in how we perceive and interpret the flood of news and data-bits that compete for our attention each day, forcing us to seek out ways to distill the noise in search of something closer to the truth.

Gestalt University’s latest guest has emerged as one of these trusted sources. His Epsilon Theory portal is one of the most respected and widely read information outlets in financial media. A prolific writer with a background in applied statistics and game theory, his acute understanding of history and behavioral analysis have equipped him the right tools to shed light onto the real forces that guide The Narrative Machine. He is, of course, Dr Ben Hunt.

A departure from our usual conversations, Adam, Rodrigo and Ben discuss how information is shaped, delivered, and ultimately drives the narrative that underpins capital markets and the global zeitgeist. They discuss how this has led the current political and financial climate to deviate from the dominant paradigm of recent decades, and how this affects portfolios and risk management. Please enjoy our latest episode with Ben Hunt.