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Resolve's Gestalt University

Jun 27, 2019

Social media has democratized access to media, providing Wealth and Asset Managers with an unprecedented opportunity to capture investor mindshare via digital marketing.

Tune in and listen as Mike Philbrick, ReSolve’s President hosts an epic digital marketing roundtable discussion with experts in the field of digital marketing for Asset and Wealth Managers – Chadd Weston and Simon Jalbert from Traction House, as well as veteran Wealth Management professional Justin Castelli from RLS Wealth Management.

Together we go deep to tackle the application of digital marketing as it relates to Wealth and Asset Management businesses covering the following items and MORE!

  • How the network effect informs how to most effectively market to your client and prospects.
  • How to zero-in on the highest impact content
  • How to cross-purpose your content and find the best platforms for distribution
  • How to find your tribe and hone your niche market with the right mix of marketing and selling
  • The changing paradigm of “know-like-and-trust” in a digital economy.

You will not want to miss this episode. Whether you’re a veteran marketer or just starting the process, this podcast provides unprecedented access to some exceptional minds in the realm of digital marketing for Wealth and Asset Managers with real boots-on-the-ground experience.