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Resolve's Gestalt University

Jun 28, 2022

This week we welcomed back our good friend Jason Buck (founder and CIO of Mutiny Fund) for the final episode before the summer break. Our conversation included:

  • Recent price action in the commodity space
  • The incredible confidence of the ‘buy the dip’ equity investors
  • An end to the “bad news is good news” regime
  • The mental pivot required to successfully navigate regime shift
  • Why prolonged bear markets have become a foreign idea to most investors
  • The kind of environment in which the difference between nominal and real returns matters most
  • Human’s constant pursuit of historical analogues
  • The Farmer’s Fable, macro efficiency and a mentality of abundance
  • The opportunities created by the blind-spots in traditional portfolios and the allure of an ‘esoteric fringe’
  • A harmonious core and a zero-sum explorer
  • Observing the ongoing evolution of the zeitgeist
  • Evidence-based zealotry
  • Two types of scientific theories – those that have been disproven, and those that one day will be
  • An eternal struggle between the brain’s hemispheres – falsifiable simplicity vs intellectual rabbit-holes
  • And much more

This is “ReSolve’s Riffs” – live on YouTube every Friday afternoon to debate the most relevant investment topics of the day, hosted by Adam Butler, Mike Philbrick and Rodrigo Gordillo of ReSolve Global* and Richard Laterman of ReSolve Asset Management Inc.


*ReSolve Global Inc. refers to ReSolve Asset Management SEZC (Cayman) which is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator. This registration is administered through the National Futures Association (“NFA”). Further, ReSolve Global Inc. is a registered person with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.