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Resolve's Gestalt University

Jan 19, 2021

This is “ReSolve’s Riffs” – live on YouTube every Friday afternoon to debate the most relevant investment topics of the day.

Convexity is one of those concepts that even if you understand it, explaining it to someone can still be hard, especially for a layperson. Unless you are the Convexity Maven, in which case it is second nature and you can apparently explain it to your mom. We had the pleasure of hosting Harley Bassman, creator of the popular MOVE Index, for a wide ranging and truly entertaining conversation that covered topics such as:

  • Sharpening the blade - the value of working with people that challenge your ideas
  • Calculus for everyday use – it’s actually simpler than most people think
  • Policy responses (and mistakes) following the Great Financial Crisis
  • His predictions for Treasury rates, MMT, and what indicators might cause him to change his mind
  • Millennials, Baby Boomers, demography and inflation
  • How fiscal and monetary tools might affect the US dollar
  • How Risk Parity might navigate the coming years
  • Gold as a currency
  • Favorite themes and trade ideas for this environment

Harley also brought a slide deck and walked us through some interesting charts as he described his investment thesis, so you might want to check out the video version of this episode.

Thank you for watching and listening. See you next week.